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Grüner Salon  

Participation limited to 10 persons  
There is always something in the world that is often forgotten. A race, a plant, a memory. Just like the grass Fu-Ho Tsai picks up on the street or somewhere on the ground, which can be seen as “invisible” or “forgotten” by society, despite its importance to the environment and the ecosystem. 

In this workshop, Fu-Ho Tsai and the participants will explore the themes of forgotten elements of the environment, environmental justice and the connections between the worlds of humans and nature. Using grass crochet as a medium, we will create pieces that are not only beautiful and unique art, but also powerful messages for environmental justice. We will use our creativity to draw attention to the forgotten and overlooked elements of our environment and promote positive change in our community. During the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to learn about the process of harvesting and sorting the grass, as well as the techniques involved in knitting and crocheting it into a beautiful and functional piece.

Fu-Ho Tsai was born in Taiwan in 1984. She currently lives and works in Berlin. She studied Fine Arts in Taiwan and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After moving to Germany, she was inspired by nature and its beauty and began to think about the many possibilities of natural media, especially the inconspicuous ones, focusing on the relationship between humans and non-humans by reusing or recycling materials from nature and life. Her aim is to create her artworks with as little consumption as possible.

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