F*ck Your Paradise!

Parade through the center of Berlin

08.04.22  16:00–18:00

Start at the Memorial to the Murdered Sinti and Roma of Europe > Followed by Parade to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

51 years ago, on 8 April 1971, the foundations of the worldwide Roma emancipation movement were established by the First World Roma Congress in Orpington near London. After decades of hard work, the human rights and equality struggles are bearing fruit: the situation of Roma, People of Colour, queer and other oppressed people has probably never been better.

And yet: the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma of Europe murdered under National Socialism, which was inaugurated only 10 years ago, is still threatened by a subway construction, racists are expanding (again) in Germany. There is war in Europe and racism does not stop even in the situation of flight and expulsion, on the contrary: refugees are treated differently because of their skin colour, religion and country of origin, some are welcome, some are not. This is inhumane and hypocritical!

Therefore, on the 51st World Roma Day, we will take to the streets united! For equal rights, against all fascism! All refugees welcome!
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ROMADAY: Reclaiming The Wheel

Rally, Picnic and Performance

08.04.22  18:00 Uhr

On the occasion of the 51st World Roma Day, we celebrate the Roma emancipation movement all over the world on 8 April 2022! After the traditional ROMADAY parade from the Memorial to the Murdered Sinti and Roma of Europe, we will gather at the Grüner Salon and Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, where we will conquer the Robber's Wheel together with the Rroma Aether Klub Theatre!

Performance, rally with music and a picnic under the Robber Wheel and in the Grüner Salon, hosted by the Rroma Aether Klub Theater.


Forum Theatre 

08.04.22  19:00
Grüner Salon
A forum theatre play by the youth group WIR SIND HIER! about persecution, rejection and oppression of Roma in Germany. After a very late recognition of the Holocaust against Roma and Sinti, there are racist attacks again and the Holocaust memorial is to be partially destroyed because of a new subway line. Enough is enough! Should we create a Roma army, do Roma need their own state or what can we do to stop racism and oppression of Roma and Sinti?

By: Christoph Leucht, David Paraschiv, Estera Elisa Paraschiv, Estera Sara Stan, Naomi Stan
With: Daniel Hromyko, David Paraschiv, Estera Elisa Paraschiv, Estera Sara Stan, Naomi Stan
Directed by: Christoph Leucht
Audio/video: Christoph Leucht

Djelem Djelem

Jam Session

08.04.22  20:00
Grüner Salon
At the World Roma Congress in 1971, the Roma anthem Djelem Djelem was adopted, 51 years later Berlin musicians honour it in a jam session.

Pretty Loud


08.04.22  22:00
Maxim Gorki Theatre

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How will we be able and willing to practise freedom, love and self-empowerment in the future? PRETTY LOUD’s Romnja Rap provides a possible answer to these questions. The feminist Rap-group from Zemun (Serbia) challenges patriarchal structures in art and society in a self-confident and artistically innovative way. An evening for and about a new self-image of the young Romnja generation.
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