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Grüner Salon  

In December 2023, the megaproject "Tren Maya", the "Mayan train", is to be completed in southeastern Mexico. The 1,500-kilometer route, costing over 6 billion euros, is said to boost the (local) economy and tourism by connecting the seaside resorts on Mexico's Caribbean coast with the Mayan ruins.  

But what is presented as progress by the Mexican government, with the support of German investors such as Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and TÜV Rheinland, means above all the destruction of southern Mexico's last rainforests, disregard for the rights of the indigenous population, land grabbing and displacement, and additional militarization in one of the country's most conflict-ridden regions.
The documentary "Polinizadorxs – Resistance on the Yucatán Peninsula" (75 minutes) captures perspectives of the inhabitants of Yucatán along seven construction phases of the Maya Tren. In dialogue with nature, they talk about their relationship with their land, about the threats it currently faces, and about their ideas about what would happen if the "Iron Serpent" actually bites.

Polinizadorxs. Resistencia en la Península de Yucatán 
Mexico 2022, 75 minutes 
A production by: Conspiración Audiovisual 
Implementation, production and screenplay: Lilia G. Torres  

Afterwards we show the music video clip "Renace la Rebeldia" by Conspiración Audiovisual. We will be honored with a preview of the premiere, which will take place on April 25, 2023 at the beginning of the protest caravan "Resiste El Sur". 

After the screening, Carmen Glink Buján talks to activist Angel Sulub, whose community is directly affected by the construction. He is one of the organizers of the protest caravan through southern Mexico from April 25 to May 5, as well as a subsequent international meeting. During the event it is possible to donate to the caravan.

Angel Sulub is Maya from Quintana Roo, where he and his comrades run the community center U Kúuchil K Ch'i'ibalo'on. He is also a delegate to the National Indigenous Congress (CNI). As one of the states on the Yucatán Peninsula, Quintana Roo is severely affected by the construction of the cynically named "Tren Maya", which is why the community organizes resistance. In April and May, they want to draw attention to the fatal consequences of the various megaprojects of international companies on their land through the caravan "El Sur resiste", the south resists. Angel not only plays a role in Polinizadorx's documentary, but will also report on the latest developments around the so-called "Mayan train" and answer questions. 

For the activist Carmen Glink Buján, the granddaughter of spanish guest workers  

migration and exploitation have always been central themes in her biography. She understands sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination as structures of exploitation of global capitalism. Currently, she is part of a Berlin structure that was formed on the occasion of the 'Gira Zapatista' 2021 and tries to organize solidarity for revolutionary indigenous struggles, such as the caravan "El Sur resiste". Two weeks ago, she was still in Mexico and was able to directly witness the first consequences of the track construction, but also the ongoing fight of her comrades on site.

Conspiración Audiovisual, these are Lilia G. Torres (Latin Americanist and filmmaker), Biancha Bachelot (economist/producer) and Sergio F. Cuellar (photographer, ethnologist, independent videographer/first camera and editor), residents of Mexico City, who have invited some residents of the Yucatán Peninsula to contribute their statements. 

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