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Grüner Salon  

On the occasion of International Day of Roma, the project "No Climate for Nomads" from 31 March to 8 April 2023 examines the global connections of environmental racism: while (historically) nomadic groups are deprived of their livelihoods through environmental destruction, other people are forced to migrate – and subsequently stigmatised. 

For the 52nd ROMADAY, Roma, Black, Indigenous, traditionally nomadic and Persons of Colour will come together in Berlin – artists, academics and activists who in their performances, films, music and discussions are looking for ways to improve climate and environmental justice.

On 31.3. at 6.30 p.m., the programme will open in a market format with stands and info tables and artistic presentations on the stage. For those fasting during the month of Ramadan, as well as for everyone else, there will be food available. Roma who fled from Moldova to Berlin to escape inhumane living conditions and who are acutely threatened with deportation after the end of the winter deportation stop on 31 March will have their say. In addition, everyone who wants to prepare for the powerful Romaday parade on 8 April can print their own textiles! 


Presentation of the concept and programme of “No Climate For Nomads”

Statement by Romani refugees from Republic of Moldova

Performances by:

Syanda Yaptik is an artist, researcher, decolonial writing practitioner, and master of domestic anti-magic of Nenets origin, but nevertheless with a hybrid identity. Born in Yamal in 1991, she is currently an IASS Potsdam Fellow. She involves personal and collective practices in her work, documenting them through photography and video, changing everyday life and overturning routines. Her face can be seen on many international TV channels and her articles are between the lines in leading magazines. Her work can be seen in exhibitions around the world.

Kantom is an influencer and spoken word artist. In her texts and social media posts, she addresses socially critical issues with a focus on climate justice, anti-racism and veganism. She performs on spoken word stages, poetry slams and demonstrations. She publishes her poems and posts on her Instagram and TikTok channel @itskantom.

Dalís Pacheco is a Peruvian interdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer based in Berlin since 2015. Her practice is based on personal and collective emotional research, between fiction and documentary, analog and digital. She is working with photography, moving images, projections, installations, sound and performance, experimenting through different processes that question colonial, capitalist, patriarchal and ableist approaches. She studied at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima, the University of Arts in Berlin and The Cooper Union School of Art in New York. Her political engagement goes in direction of social justice movements and grassroots organizations, moved by anti-colonial, anti-patriarchal and no-borders visions. She is active in the anti-racist student movement in Berlin and in the Abya Yala and Global South community though different initiatives.

Concert by: 

Blue Desert

Fast, repetitive percussion rhythms are the basis of the music. Accompanied by spherical blues melodies and vocals in Tamashek and Arabic, the mix creates calm, sometimes powerful, dreamy atmospheres. The lyrics are about hope, human rights and life in exile.

Afterwards party with:

DJ Tru:L

DJ Bogdan Dragomir

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