Whose Paradise? Economics and Ecologies of Exploitation 

Panel discussion

24.04.22  18:00-19:30

Symposium #3: Whose Paradise? Global Cohesions and Global Exploitations
Not only holidays and heroes are global: it's especially structures of exploitation of people and nature extend from the global North to the global South and perpetuate old colonial structures - whether through the construction of the harshly criticised so-called Maya Train, which threatens nature reserves and indigenous people in South America, the exploitation of illegalised people, of predominantly migrant workers in online delivery services and of Roma migrant workers in the German meat industry.

The panel discussion therefore asks the questions: in whose paradise are we living and at whose expense?

With: Carmen Glink Buján (activist), Amarilis Tapia (Respect Berlin), Janka Vogel (social scientist).

Moderation: Bárbara Santos (author, theatre director, actress, feminist-antiracist activist and coordinator of the Theatre of the Oppressed KURINGA in Berlin as well as founder of Ma(g)dalena International Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed Network with groups from Latin America, Europe and Africa).
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