Roma and Mental Health

Community Workshop

17.04.22  14:00-17:00

Symposium #2:
Intersectionality and the Future of Paradise
Mental health and illness of Roma is unjustly neglected and undiscovered health area by now. There are very few data and no policies addressing mental health of Roma. As health services become privatized and in general less available to the mainstream population, Roma as a vulnerable group face lack of access to health services, and particularly lack of resources to support their mental health.

Covid19 and recent war situation in Europe produced high emergency needs, among other things, for mental health support. On the other hand, mental health is a taboo in the mainstream, and it is especially taboo in Roma communities. As the need seem to be great, access to health services gets limited, and mental health taboo prevents Roma from reaching out to the resources available.

This workshop offers a spaces which wants to be safe enough to discuss how contemporary society based on neoliberal capitalism, sexism, homophobia, and racism affects mental health of Roma. The question is how Roma can be more aware about the mental health issues and how communities can respond to the needs, and help in discovering and providing resources to support mental health and resilience within communities, and further on advocate for the benefit of mental health of Roma.

Therefore this workshop is only open to participant defining themselves as Roma. We kindly ask you to register under, a spontaneous drop-by is also possible.

By and with Jelena Savic
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