Draw a Roma Woman: The Politics of Emotion Under the European Gadjo Supremacy

Poetry performance and discussion

17.04.22  18:00

Symposium #2:
Intersectionality and the Future of Paradise
While Roma movement exists for some decades in Europe, there is lack of representation and information on how Roma women think or feel about what is going on in their lives, how they deal with all the disciplining regimes imposed on their bodies, minds and feelings. For the last decades, they seem to be so invisible, they became somewhat as a comic book characters. It is unknown how they really suffer, how they deal with anger, with self-hate, how they self-sooth, how they manage to find joy in life and continue to sustain their constantly ripped existence day by day.

Using poetry as a prompt, Jelena Savic instigates in her performance the discussion and provides a space to talk about mental health, illness and well-being. Relying on the experiences of the participants, in the background of the Critical Race theory it will possibly touch upon some of the usual stereotypes about racialized women (like the Savage, the Mommy, Sapphire and Jezebel ) through the European Roma women perspective, address some of the ways they affect them , and finally ask how Roma women maneuver their lives between them day by day.

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