Paradise Now or Paradise Lost? Successes and Future of Intersectional Struggles

Panel discussion

16.04.22  18:00-19:30

Symposium #2:
Intersectionality and the Future of Paradise
Romani people, people of color, black, Asian and queer people, as well as feminists have been able to achieve tangible successes in their struggles for equality, justice and self-representation in recent years, also thanks to the focus on intersectionality. But what about the future of these struggles when Nazis are back in parliaments, conspiracy bloggers are taking over the streets, and war is back in Europe? Will we have to resist rollbacks from now on, fight for safety and survival?

With: Anna Ehrenstein (artist), Jennifer Kamau (International Women* Space), Jelena Savic (artist), Meikey To (Tiger.Riots)

Moderation: ShaNon Bobinger (moderator, systemic life coach and speaker)

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