Still Hope In Paradise?

Closing Event + Concert of  Gazino Neukölln 

01.05.22  18:00 

We are also celebrating on the strike day of the working class - namely the end of the month-long Romaday programme and the exhibition Still Hope In Paradise?. Because classism is also one of the most important intersections with racism and Antigypsyism, and at the same time the history of the working class shows: only together can we make a difference and keep hope for the future.

We celebrate with music, drinks and dance!


Gazino Neukölln is a queer-feminist Berlin based band consisting of women, trans and non-binary people. All the  members arrived from Turkey to Berlin  in the last decade. "Gazino" refers to a very special place and form of entertainment that was the main night out format with queer vibes in Turkey from the 30s to the 80s. With this inspiration, Gazino Neukölln aims to create a new glamorous, kitschy, diverse and exciting atmosphere. By combining different musical genres from different geographical regions and histories, the hybridity of Gazino culture is maintained. The band covers both Turkish and international pop and arabesque hits with interventions, liberating the lyrics from sexism, homophobia and transphobia.
In December 2021, the band released its first single "Koli Tutmaz" (Koli vibed not),  which a video was also shot for. The track "Koli Tutmaz" tells in a humorous tone the story about a person who immigrated from Turkey on a hopeful search for love in Berlin.
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